Event Management

event_management_crowd_control_health_and_safetyWho loves to go to a concert?  A live show?  Sporting event?  Local Show?  How many times a year do you go to a public event?

Most of us buy the ticket and /or turn up at an event without thinking of all the planning that goes towards making the event safe for all to enjoy.

Event Management Plans identify all potential risks that may arise from holding a public event and are an essential aspect of planning any event.

When speaking to our consultants who specialise in this area, they talk about all aspects of the event they need to consider when developing a plan for the site from go to whoa.  It covers the actual site itself, the proposed activities (jumping castles, constructing a stage, marquees), communications, staff and public welfare, physical risks, food hygiene, traffic management , security waste material ….the list goes on and on.

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