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logo_hfesaI went to the Human Factors & Ergonomic Society of Australia Sydney West Journal Club on Wednesday night , 18th February 2015.

We reviewed the paper by Jennifer Long about Rainbow colour coding used in digital imaging technology. While the paper referred to the challenge for ophthalmic practitioners with colour vision deficiencies ( CVD) the discussion was broadened to include any operator using digital imaging.
The group started talking about the various people using digital imaging within the health field, the need to ensure the reports are correct, the unknown number of people with hereditary or acquired CVD who are reporting on the results based on illogical colour differentiation in digital images ….. wow what a lot we covered!

Basically, there is a need for digital display interfaces to be “user friendly” for all people using this technology. In the case of colour, medical device manufacturers could improve usability relatively easily by modifying the colour palette within digital interfaces.

I suggest you read the research article by Jennifer Long- there is Pdf free download available from

Reference is “Rainbow colour coding used in digital imaging technology poses a challenge for clinicians with colour vision defects.
Long, J.”
Ergonomics Australia, 2014 7:1     (it is the 6th article from the top in 2014 articles)
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