Over the years I have been asked to promote a number of program that would help business comply with local workplace health and safety legislation and make it easier to manage their safety systems.

I never felt I could do that until I came across DoneSafe. I know this sounds like a real sales pitch but in all honesty I believe this is such a great program I wanted to let you know about it. !

DoneSafe is a safety compliance software package designed with the user in mind. It’s a cloud-based software that’s easy to implement and use, and runs on all devices (PC, mobile and tablet). It eliminates long forms and jargon, clunky interfaces and high prices.

What I like about it is that it’s flexible and fully configurable for any legislation or standard no matter what jurisdiction or industry or country.

It’s great for small and large organisation; those with certified management systems and those with a simple safety program

If you want to know about it please let me know via email or phone +61 2 9634 5912