“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”

Before we even start, I’d like to say that many books have been written on this topic alone – the aim of this post is not to condense the vast amounts of information on this topic down to a few hundred words, rather the purpose is to provide you with some thinking fodder on this subject.

The best strategy if executed poorly, will be a failure – yet, an average strategy executed with excellence, diligence and belief will be an extraordinary success.

Why is this?

Well, simply because people made it happen.  And not just people, the right people mad it happen.

Think about the times when you’ve visited a business – just by walking in the front door, I’m sure you picked up ‘vibes’ that formed your opinion about that business.

How did the receptionist great you?

What was the décor like?

Was the place clean and ordered – housekeeping?

How were you treated as a customer?

All of these and many more subtle cues sets the cultural tone of the business.

People Make the Difference

Without any doubt in my mind, people make the difference between success and failure for a business.

While this may sound obvious, I’m astounded by how may businesses go about trying to get the right person into the business when clearly the culture of the business is at odds with the type of person they’d like to recruit.

Attracting great talent into your business is not just about finding that talent and offering them a great salary package.

Remember, it’s a two-way street.

While you are evaluating your potential new hire – they will equally be evaluating you and business.

As an employer, you are looking to see if this new person will fit in and at the same time, the candidate is feeling out, will they fit in.

Successful Strategy = Buy-in!

What do I mean by buy-in?

It means the culture that your business portrays has to be aligned with the mind-set and expectations of the people working within it.

Remember though, it’s horses for courses.

If you have a heavy metal fabrication shop, then a spotlessly clean environment may not be entirely possible.  Yet, order, compliance and a safe working place would be an expectation for anyone working there.

So, if a successful business (strategy) is dependant upon the right people then you need to ensure the culture of the business is such that it attracts those right people.

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