Chemical Spill in Queensland

DANGER-SIGN-CHEMICAL-SPILL-NO-ENTRY-D172Last week more than 30 employees in Queensland were left injured after a chlorine spill in a poultry processing factory.

In Australia there is a legal compliance with regards to storage, handling and using hazardous substance in any workplace.   However compliance is only one aspect. We all know the speed limit on the road and yet most people still speed! I believe is all about smart business practices.

For every business there is an outcome, either services, a widget or a chook so when one has over 30 people injured in an incident there is not only workers compensation costs , bad publicity , production breakdown, low morale and so much time involved in investigations etc it makes the proactive approach so much more appealing and cheaper.

Safety Services Australia can provide assistance with understanding and managing risk in any organisation e.g. for specific risks of hazardous substance we can work with your organisation to provide assessments, training in work practices and procedures, handling, storage, transportation, monitoring, health surveillance, cleaning up and disposal of hazardous substance.

For all risk management services please refer to “Work Risk Assessments

Please find below the link to the Code of Practice that provides a practical guide to minimise the risk of disease and injury with the control of Workplace Hazardous substance but for  further information and assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

National Code of Practice – Control of Workplace Hazardous Substances