Charities and not-for-profits need workers’ compensation insurance in WA

WorkCover WA are reminding not-for-profit and charitable organisations to review their workers’ compensation arrangements. There are serious consequences for organisations and their officers if the required insurance is not in place.

Any individual, whether paid or as a volunteer, who fulfils a governing role for an organisation can be held personally liable for the costs of an uninsured workers’ compensation claim. These costs could total hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it is simply not worth the risk.

Additionally, workers’ compensation regulators may prosecute organisations and individuals for compliance breaches. In Western Australia, a penalty of $5,000 per worker could be imposed.

If your charity or not-for-profit organisation operates in Western Australia, you can phone WorkCover WA’s Advice and Assistance line on 1300 570 937 or visit  for more information.